Monday, April 9, 2012

Official photographer to the northern lights?

After years of believing I needed a high-end camera to capture the northern lights, it turns out that my little Panasonic will do the job with some patience and (preferably) a tripod.

We were out at Blachford Lake Lodge a few days ago, and it was not until the last night that the Director of Photography (Pierre) showed me the essential settings. I got the photo above by propping my camera on one of the deck railings at the lodge. Next time I'll be porting along a tripod. The quintessential aurora photo will be my next photographic Holy Grail - I'm still working on the perfect dog sled photo.

During daylight hours, I went on some of my favourite tromps - hiked the four-kilometre trail, and climbed the hill on the island across from the lodge. Here's a shot of the trail up to the top of the hill. A bit of a slog: some serious trail-breaking was required and the final push to the summit just about finished me. The reward was a great view of the lake and the lodge across the way.