Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yay for the Long John Jamboree!

Good times at the inaugural Long John Jamboree, held in Yellowknife this weekend.

The festival was a combination of classic Yellowknife events, like the Ugly Truck and Dog contest (photo below), along with some soon-to-be classics like the Flaunt Your Skivvies Contest, which I sadly had to miss due to pressures of work.

The festival – like its predecessor, Caribou Carnival – suffered from some less-than-stellar weather. Yellowknifers are a stalwart bunch, however, and overcast skies and wind chill did not stop an impressive-sized crowd from lining up for the ever-popular Cabane à sucre (aka taffy on a stick) or snapping photos of thermal-clad can-can dancers, or the Terriers and Tiaras talent show for pooches.

Looking forward to next year.