Monday, May 31, 2010

NorthWords this week

The fine folks who organize the NorthWords Writers Festival have a full line-up, starting this Thursday. Visiting authors include Giller Finalist Annabel Lyon, Novelist and Memoirist Sharon Butala, Storyteller Ivan E. Coyote, Children’s Author and Storyteller Bob Barton, Comic Book Writer/Artist Steve Sanderson and Novelist Cathleen With. Local authors include Richard Van Camp, Jamie Bastedo, Bren Kolson, Annelies Pool, Deborah Webster, Mindy Willett and James Pokiak . . . and me!

On Thursday evening I'll be reading a shiny, brand-new ghost story called "Haunted Hill Mine" at the "Woooooo, scary!" open mike at Javaroma, starting at 8 p.m. Free dessert and coffee, so come on down. If you have a ghost story you'd like to read, bring it along - we'd like to hear it.

Saturday morning I'm moderating a panel during which we will answer that perpetual and perplexing question: why short stories? ("Why the heck not?" is the short answer.) Panelists include Annabel Lyon, Ivan E. Coyote and Cathleen With.

Sunday morning I am on another panel that looks at what's new hot in the world of northern books.

Be sure to check out the full schedule on the NorthWords website. There are workshops with the visiting authors, lunch with the literary ladies, family barbecue and more, more, more!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Suddenly . . . it's summer

Or almost. I was out of town for a couple of weeks in mid-April, and returned home to find the snow melted, the winter gravel swept from the streets, and people riding their bicycles. My bike's all ready to go, so I'll be cycling to work as of tomorrow.

One thing though. Kayaks and canoes are sprouting from the roofs of cars and trucks all over town. I live next to the water, and I can tell you that no one's going boating any time soon. Even my little yellow kayak won't be able to make it through the narrow stretch of water along the thick winter ice. Our boating season is so short that hope springs eternal, I guess.