Sunday, October 28, 2007

Winter hits the north country

The snow is here, and this time it looks like it's staying. On Wednesday afternoon I went out to run some errands, only to find I had entered the snow globe zone. I had to walk into the wind, and by the time I reached my destination - an entire two and a half blocks away - the front of my black leather jacket was solid white. Minutes later the snow in my hair started to melt. I was cutting through the drug store when one of the cosmetic ladies caught sight of me. She didn't actually gasp, but her eyes went really wide before she recovered herself and said something sympathetic about the weather. I didn't bother to look in the mirror until I got back to the office. Good thing the weather hit after my lunch-hour United Way meeting. Hard to make a good impression on community leaders with streaky make-up and Gorgon-like hair.

While I was struggling into the wind, a man passed and said "Typical September weather, eh?" He's right, of course. Despite our lousy fall, winter is on the late side. Too bad Old Man Winter couldn't have held out for a few more days, and let the trick-or-treaters do their thing without biting wind and icy streets.

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