Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ugly Truck and Dog Contest at the Olympics

Just to clarify - that's The Ugly Truck and Dog Contest (the book) that will be at the Vancouver Olympics, not the Ugly Truck and Dog Contest (the real thing).

I'm pleased to advise that my book will be available through the store at Canada's Northern House until the end of April 2010. Canada's Northern House, located at 100-602 West Hastings, is a visitors' centre that showcases Canada's three northern territories. It officially opened on January 14.

If you're in Vancouver for the Olympic or Paralympic Games, please stop by. Films will be shown at the centre, and there will be investment and tourism events. The northern territories will also be offering special entertainment during the weekend of February 19 to 21.

The only thing left to consider is whether the Ugly Truck and Dog Contest (the real thing) should become an Olympic event. I've certainly seen some world-class creations in the 20-plus years that I've been following the contest. In any case, spring is coming and we can all look forward to this year's ugly trucks and dogs at Caribou Carnival.

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